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Intergalactic News

  • Star Wars 10 years after Reboot
    I’ve very little, if any, memory of not being into Star Wars. I’ll dare date myself and say tiny tot me saw the original in theaters. I played with the action figures, flipped through picture books and thrilled when Vader was redeemed. I spent decades imagining who he was before he fell! Luke was my … Read more
  • Star Wars Interviews Rereleased
    Star Wars Interviews was a site and also a series of books dedicated to Interviews with all sorts of people involved with the Star Wars galaxy. Actors, cast and crew, behind the scenes folks, game developers, authors and so on were all on his site. Sadly, the site was removed. Disclaimer here: that isn’t me. … Read more
  • Michael Reaves Impact
    Well by now the word has spread throughout the fandom that another Star Wars Expanded Universe author is gone. It’s a grievous thing anytime that happens, but this one stings me as Michael Reaves was by far my favorite Del Rey era author, based on how many of his books I absolutely loved and reread. … Read more
  • Keeping the Expanded Universe Alive in the Digital Age
    If we want our expanded universe to resist the efforts to diminish it, its up to the fans. Keep letting them know we want our stories, our books and comics, to be available, intact. Be very aware of digital legal limitations and do what you can to encourage protection for the buyer, not just the … Read more
  • Passing the Torch to The Next Generation of Star Wars Fans
    After the reboot, Lucasfilm employees said flat out that the old canon would soon be forgotten, then next generation of Star Wars fans would never know it. Those of us who loved the old, refuse to let that happen. Their promise that they would all have one canon fell through when it became clear they … Read more
  • Short Stories in Novels
    I’d been wondering for a time now about whether the short stories in novels would appear in the newer Trade market paperbacks. I had heard no mention (in spite of asking on social media) whether they had all the same stuff as their mass market paperbacks. I don’t live near a new book store myself, … Read more
  • The Importance of Father Figures in Star Wars
    Somewhere at the back of the story, almost unnoticed beneath the blaze of blaster fire and the hum of lightsabers, lies a simple truth of Star Wars. Father figures have a huge impact on the galaxy. In this case, many are simply mentors that take on the role of compassionate guide but also teacher of … Read more
  • Star Wars and Race
    Star Wars under George Lucas never had a race issue, contrary to what the media tells the world. It has always been a massive blend of various cultures, from the languages used and created for new alien races, to accents, building styles, hair styles and clothing styles. It’s universal mythology is what gave it such … Read more
  • The Importance of Mothers in Star Wars
    Mothers are incredibly important in the Star Wars Galaxy. Their presence, loss, and influence is strongly felt. It’s not a stretch to say things that affect the galaxy come down to their influence. One thing most notable is that Mothers want their children and want what is best for them. There is no ‘getting rid … Read more
  • April Fools is No Longer Funny
    In 2009, the concept of the Star Wars Expanded Universe being de-canonized was so absurd it was an April Fool’s Joke on Wookieepedia. The response was heated from those who didn’t get the joke and realize it was April Fool’s.  In 2014, after the Disney buyout, it became a reality, with ‘canon tabs’ and ‘legends … Read more
  • Barnes & Noble Hardcovers Star Wars Boba Fett & Kenobi
    We had already gotten a  special, omnibus leather like hardcover options before. The original trilogy versions had Vader or Leia as a cover choice (Vader is still available and by far the most common.)  We also got a very nice Han Solo hardback, with A.C. Crispin’s trilogy. That’s in the featured image. Now it looks … Read more
  • EU March Madness 2022 Video Games
    The is running it’s annual March Madness contest, sponsored by Twin Suns Foundation.  This years running is video games.  The oldest range back to the Parker Brother’s Atari Video Game ‘Jedi Arena’ all the way to the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions. You can find the bracket download here: You can also … Read more
  • Return of Twin Suns Foundation
    After being sidelined by the virus restrictions, all the previous years books were finally donated. So now its time for a new donation event! Galloway Township Middle School is the focus of this one, with an aim of $550 for 40 books. New Jersey is an all new location. TSF is as ever an offical … Read more
  • Game Canon, Mechanics and Continuity
    Star Wars games have a continuity set in the Expanded Universe.  Some would prefer to assume that they have no game canon versions since there are many different endings. There are even some that are determined to believe that game mechanics mean the games contradict any other source and try and use it to give … Read more
  • The Fandom Redemption
    There is a wide variety among Star Wars fans.  There is a wide variety in the characters in its media.  But ultimately Star Wars itself (under Lucas) had one very important theme set:  love, hope, and redemption.   Anakin Skywalker is the central character of the six movies he made and the entire arc goes through  … Read more
  • Double the Billboard Double the impact
    The billboard is back! Twin Suns Foundation started out as Give Us Legends. This is where the first ever Star Wars billboard requesting new Expanded Universe came from. While it’s intent was misconstrued by the mainstream media and the clickbait fan sites ignored it, LFL knew exactly what it meant. Cut to years later, the … Read more
  • How Ackbar warned me about Preconceptions
    I was very young when Star Wars was first released.  I quickly grew to love Science Fiction. I knew nothing of human biases. I grew up in a school with different races and never had a particular problem with any. My fav Sci fi being Star Wars and Star Trek, even classic Battlestar Galactica, none … Read more
  • Peter Mayhew A Wookiee’s Legacy Tribute
    Peter Mayhew died at the end of last month on April 30, 2019. His 75th birthday would’ve been on May 19, the same day The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith came out.   I never met the man but all the reports I’ve heard are that he was a very nice man and a … Read more
  • Lead Up to the 20th Phantom Menace Anniversary
    Once upon a time and what seems like yesterday for some of us the Phantom Menace premiered on May 19, 1999. Dial up internet was still at thing. And word went out the Prequels were finally being filmed. I poured over every picture presented in the Star Wars Insider,  made sure to stay up to … Read more
  • Jar Jar Binks the Unsung Rejected Hero
    Jar Jar Binks has a story arc that is so accurate a statement on humanity that people rejected it, backlashing against artist, actor and character but he can teach us a lot about how even the most worthless looking person may just need to be chosen and accepted to make a difference. His journey begins … Read more
  • “Helping Others is Both A Duty and a Privilege”
    If you’ve ever played Star Wars: The Old Republic, you are probably familiar with this line. The Jedi say it a lot in conversation. It’s not exactly witty dialogue but it is truly what Jedi are supposed to stand for. Even Anakin Skywalker, right before he fell knew that this is what they were meant … Read more
  • Redemption in Star Wars
    Star Wars was always a space fantasy heavily influenced by myth with elements from many religious traditions. Among them it also has a Christian element, specific to the Easter time of year,  that of redemption.  Redemption in the Movies Anakin Skywalker He was the best star-pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior. I understand … Read more
  • Black History in Star Wars
    Diversity in Star Wars On Earth, this tends to mean ‘color’. In Star Wars its a bit more than that, given the sheer number of non human species. Everyone isn’t black or white or brown. They might be blue, green, yellow, red or any other color. They aren’t all male or female, some are both, … Read more
  • Woman Behind the Scenes of the Expanded Universe
    Sue Rostoni She maintained the Expanded Universe in print and helped plan the New Jedi Order series, as Executive Editor and fiction and comic editor at Lucas Licensing. She held that job for 20 some years, retiring in 2011. Lucy Audrey Wilson Director of Publishing the President of Lucas Licencing. She came up with the … Read more
  • Woman Models & Actors of the Expanded Universe
    This is a salute to the female models, actors and voice actors that made the Expanded Universe an audio and visual adventure. This is not a complete list, but some of those who had either the most roles in the Expanded Universe or the most influential characters. Everyone probably knows about the movie actors, but … Read more
  • Women Artists of the Expanded Universe
    Jan Duursema Her artwork gives character to such memorable faces as Republics: Quinlan Vos, Aayla Secura (her artwork created the character that Lucas liked enough to put in Attack of the Clones), Legacies: Cade Skywalker, Darth Talon, Dawn of the Jedi: Xesh, and even some classic marvel star wars characters. You can see more of … Read more
  • Women Authors of the Expanded Universe
    Most of us know the characters already. But what about the female writers who invented them? Without them, these heroes we know and love would not exist. This is not a comprehensive list. Ann Crispin Han Solo Trilogy: Paradise Snare The Hutt Gambit Rebel Dawn With a rare brilliance, she not only wrote the Han … Read more
  • Carrie Fisher Memorial Tribute
    Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia has inspired my imagination. It set fire to possibilities both on the movie screen and in games, books and comics. It was her acting and likeness that set fire to our hearts to imagine all the possibilities. When I first ‘met’ the character of Leia, she wasn’t my favorite. She … Read more
  • Star Wars Women of the Old Republic
    Just in Time for Woman’s History month, a celebration of some of the  strong women in Star Wars Old Republic era. From the most ancient of times before the Republic to its very end before it became the Galactic Empire, brave woman have stood up for their beliefs and supported others. These are some of … Read more
  • Star Wars Women New Republic era & Beyond
    Leia Organa Solo After the heroism of the Rebellion, Leia found the talents in diplomacy inherited from her mother, Padme Amidala Skywalker and her adoptive father, Bail Organa, in high demand. It was Leia who brought the aid of the Hapans to the New Republic as well as helping free Dathomir from Nightsisters and Warlord … Read more
  • Star Wars Women – Rebellion Era
    Princess Leia and Mon Mothma were not the only women to lead the charge for freedom and democracy. There were others that made a huge impact, overcoming long odds and adversity to become strong leaders in their chosen causes in the years the Galactic Empire was in control.  These blurbs may include minor spoilers, and … Read more