EU March Madness 2022 Video Games

The is running it’s annual March Madness contest, sponsored by Twin Suns Foundation.  This years running is video games.  The oldest range back to the Parker Brother’s Atari Video Game ‘Jedi Arena’ all the way to the Star Wars: The Old Republic expansions.

You can find the bracket download here:

You can also find video links of predictions and discussion on their site.

Here is the page for voting round one.

There is a catch.  You do need a Gmail to vote, due to suspicion of cheating in previous years. Also one sometimes has to choose to either abstain from some or vote blind. I tended to abstain if I had not played at least one of the choices. As much as I might want to play them all, I do not have every gaming system that had a Star Wars game, some exclusive.

First rounds brackets close tonight. Get your vote in!