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When it comes to trying to catch up on the Star Wars story in games, you have a great challenge. They were released on multiple devices and in some cases only work on a certain version. There were only a few that worked on Mac, and the ones that worked on Windows often no longer do – at least not as they were released. This is a resource to help get it working. I made it for me really, as I want to play too. And I figure if I hunted down all these links, I might as well share. I’m focused on the PC for the most part because you either have a console or you don’t. But many were on PC only or both PC and other devices (and a few have been added to other devices since).

Game Information
KOTOR 2 visits the world of Onderon, moon of Dxun and Telos.

I offer no guarantees that this stuff will work. I have not tried it. But at least it will give you a place to start the quest to make that game you’ve always wanted to try, or loved as a kid, going again. This stuff is scattered all over the internet and search engines, I figured to at least gather it in one place, where you could see it without having to wade through the sale ads and outdated reviews.

There are currently 2 places to get lots of old Star Wars games for the PC (and occasionally Mac or Linux). The games range all the way from the original Dark Forces to The Force Unleashed 2 and a lot of stuff in between. That isn’t counting Amazon or Ebay of course. More on those later, since those may be a challenge to get to work on modern systems.

GOG has a vast list of Star Wars titles that are DRM free. I’ve read that they are better at keeping them updated for compatibility with new systems.

Client: Gog Galaxy or Standalone Installer

You can choose to install via Gog Galaxy or use the stand alone installer. I can’t vouch for Gog Galaxy, which is supposed to enable you to play with Steam users in the multiplayer games. I have heard you can roll back updates if you use it. I’d recommend either way downloading and installing in a separate directory with the stand alone and at least making a back up (zip the files, store on an external drive or the Cloud) in case they ever lose the licenses or the site vanishes.

Gog used to have great support, but lately they’ve apparently they’ve fallen on hard times and now are reduced to a support bot. I had no luck with that. They just have the basic per game troubleshooting and the forums of other players to help there now.


Client: Steam Engine. I’m not sure about the standalone installer.

I’ve never bought from here, but I believe the same classic Star Wars games are still DRM free. They have the Steam Client for updating and multiplayer etc (as I understand.) You can also play Star Wars the Old Republic through this if you don’t want to use its native download.

I don’t know about their support but their support forums are far more extensive.


Star Wars The Old Republic

This Multiplayer online is still officially supported. If you don’t want to use Steam you can download the installer straight from their website. There are currently 5 servers. I have a review of the base game here.

Star Wars Galaxies

This game was a multiplayer open world game. It now survives only on fan run servers. You can find a list at MMOFolklorist.

You must have the original game discs, or install, or files to get this. I understand at one point you could buy on Steam but obviously you can no longer purchase there since the live servers are dead. The fan run servers have various versions since the game was updated several times, some of those updates were not so popular. Some have added expanded content.

Expanded Universe purists will have to hunt to see if any of the servers stays true to the original lore. I’ve seen ‘the other’ canon listed on one server’s information, and another one specifies they find it ‘too restrictive’ for their post Return of the Jedi fan made expansions. Only one server hasn’t added anything. There are several servers though so some may still be lore consistent.

Physical Media Games – Desktop Computers, CD

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried the updated launchers or any other downloaders for the games. Download at your own risk! I cannot guarantee they are virus or malware free or even if they work.

I also don’t condone piracy, I recommend getting an actual disc. Old Game discs are relatively cheap. (Anyhow I strongly feel it’s always a good idea – physical media is less likely to have the above mentioned virus or malware.)

Keep in mind these games may have other issues even if you succeed in installing. There may be anything from driver issues (KOTOR hates intel graphics!) to speed, resolution or FPS issues. I found some stuff here about installing stuff that had only 16 bit launchers, which modern 64 bit Windows will not install if your tech minded enough. (I don’t think much of my chances.) Oddly enough many of the games are 32 bit, since that version of the system came out around then. They just have the old launcher.

As for the Mac versions, you may really would need the old Mac to run them if it originally came out in the Classic Mac, pre OSX era. This is because modern Mac is so drastically different than Classic Mac. That said there are articles about it and possibly emulators but I don’t know about any Star Wars game specific. You need something that will run the old Power PC system that ran up to Mac OS 9. Even Mac games made for OSX have issues on modern systems (lets face it, they don’t want you to have that DVD drive to play that Jedi Academy gold up there.)

Here is a list of hopefully handy installers that one user – has gathered or created for older games that have the 16 bit installer issue.

Force Commander

16 Bit Requires Updated Launcher.

Available fan patch:

Play Old Games

OS : Windows 95/98

The Phantom Menace

16 Bit Requires Updated Launcher.

Available fan patch

Play Old Games


OS: Windows 95/98

The Battle For Naboo

PC Gaming in the Web Archive has instructions to get working in on 64 bit PC.

OS: Windows 95/98/ME

Yoda Stories

Not sure about the disc installer yet. According to PC Gaming, it may need tweaks to work.

OS: Windows 95


32 bit installer. May install but may have issues

PC Gaming has instructions

There are also instructions here on a video by user Nuby Plays Games.

OS: Windows 95/98
Classic Mac (classic)

Gungan Frontier

Unknown. Game required Apple’s Quicktime which is discontinued.

OS: Windows 95/98 ?
Classic Mac (classic)

Early Learning Activity Center


OS: Mac (classic) Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95

For 4 to 6 (or any fan lacking the skills the box mentions)

Yoda’s Challenge Activity Center

OS: Mac (classic) Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 95

For 4 to 6 years old

Anakin’s Speedway: Build and Drive

I found information on how to get it to work on Windows 10 here, using an emulator they have for download.

OS: Mac (classic), Windows 95, Windows 98

For 4 to 6 years old

Jar Jar’s Journey


OS: Mac Classic, Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows 98

This is an interactive adventure book for 4-6 year olds.

Behind the Magic

Probably 16 bit installer. The instructions below may be using virtual machines.

This person claims to have instructions for Windows 7 install.

Here is another set of instructions, for Windows 10 64 bit.

This was an interactive CD

Games with disc, Gog, and Steam Versions

Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight level 21 Jerec the Force Within screenshot
Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight level 21 Jerec the Force Within screenshot

I’ll not list them all as you can go there and look. But I will list the handy extras that make them work better on modern systems. As much as I love hard copy I doubt most of those games would work from the original installers. Many were 16 bit and need tweaks to work on modern systems. However there are a few fan releases that improve even on the official updates. You can find enhancer mods on moddb.

Dark Forces

The new Force Engine allows for the game to work better on a wider higher resolution screen. It doesn’t really enhance graphics but they don’t get worse either. It also adds quick save, something all the rest of the series already had. This is for Windows only.

You must own a copy of the game, from Gog, Steam or the disc. The disc version runs on Dosbox. The digital download versions just pre install Dosbox for you. The base game on disc will run on both PC and Mac with the Dosbox, or at least it used too.

Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight

The JKDF2 Engine allows it to go widescreen and you don’t crash on tab out (or I didn’t.)

There are other handy ideas to get it working better here especially if you are using discs.

There is even an updated launcher for disc users.

Contrary to claims at PC Gaming Wiki you can’t take screenshots w/ JKDF2 I found that I could using Bandicam & I assume other 3rd party software does as well. It even let me grab cut screen shots. I never found the default in game screencapper that good anyhow. I could also used windowed mode without crashing – a bit help since i needed to check help guides for secrets.

Mysteries of the Sith

As mine came from GOG, it was with Dark Forces 2 but installed in a separate folder, I’m not sure what they mean by ‘need base game’ at PC Gaming Wiki.

I have not tried JKDF2 with it, though I hope too. But it is confusing as it does seem to look for it in the same directory which is not how GOG installed mine.

Knights of the Old Republic

Not sure about the disc installer yet.

The original discs won’t have the patches. I don’t know what these do but they should help. I did note on the Star Wars site that if you got the game copy available in Best of PC games, that already has these.

Also of note: in my experience and according to many forum posts I’ve seen, KOTOR seems to hate intel graphic cards.

Patches off Star Wars site
List of patches, more descriptive at Gamecopy World.

Knights of the Old Republic 2

Not sure about the disc installer yet. This page at major geeks that suggest it does but install on 64 bit but the Windows Versions are old.

I’ve found patches for this. I also highly recommend the fan made Restored Content Mod as the game was released unfinished and very buggy. The mod actually makes the game run better even if you don’t care about the content. It’s included in the STEAM version, you have to add it for either PC or Gog.

The same applies here as for KOTOR. Reports are the game simply can’t handle Intel graphic cards. (In my case it crashed to blue screen!)

Official Patch off Star Wars Site

Restored Content Mod

Here are some more helpful tweaks on the PC gaming wiki

Star Wars Starfighter

This Play Old PC Games page is a bit old, but does seem to have information and links to upgrade it for install in 64 bit systems

On Gog the game is only listed up to Windows 8. When I first bought it for Windows 10, it initally would not play cut scenes (they flashed too fast). But Windows must’ve updated something because it later ran fine with no help from me.

Your system display settings need to be at 100%, not adjusted higher or lower, even if that is recommended by your PC or monitor. It threw an error on mine due to that.

Battlefront 2

I’m talking about the CLASSIC here, not the EA version. I do not know about install from disc.

I can confirm there is an issue with the audio on this, for me, if I don’t have a headset with microphone plugged in, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t like my NVidia sounds. I think just a plain mic works too. (Of course if like me you have a smaller head, good luck finding the appropriate size, reasonably priced headset).

Here is the Star Wars site on the game (this mentions stuff that makes me figure it’s for Classic.)

X-Wing Alliance

Original CD came with a 16 bit installer that will not install in 64 bit according to a major geeks user. However this user has his own site with a list of installers he and others have compiled for these older games.