Hutt Culture

The Hutts are conquerors as a whole. They often conquer as gangsters, through money, power, enslaving others and manipulating others into indentured servitude. But they initially conquered through violence, using machines and mercenaries.


Huts physically speaking were sluglike and often ate their food live. They were hermaphrodites, capable of being either sex and having offspring by themselves. That said they did sometimes form attractions when they were in the male or female form to the opposite sex.

Hutts have no legs, stubby short arms and large mouths. They do have close cousins, the T’landa Til, who have legs, a short whiplike tail and a horn.

Hutts do sometimes have colorful markings, however, a birth mark is sometimes considered a jinx among the hutts. A very few Hutts do have hair, this is an extremely rare genetic trait

Jabba the Hutt

Home Turf:

Varl was the original homeworld but it was made inhabitable by a catostrophe and lost. They took over Nal Hutta or Hutta from the Evocii nearly driving them nearly to extinction.

Hutts have their own region of space and were competitors with the likes of the Trade Federation. But their territory tended to fall outside the Old Republic, before and after the Ruusan Reformation. They were also outside the New Republic, and therefore the slave trade continued to flourish where more in the core systems it was illegal.

Once they were no longer conquering through military might, they were changed over to conquest through business. They were ruthless in these respects, not only destroying competitors but also dealing in illicit smuggling, slavery and murder. The Hutt Culture had evolved into a Cartel.

The smuggler moon Nar Shaddaa was considered neutral ground in the wars between Empire and Republic to a point, in part because so many criminal and smuggler elements that worked for the Hutts were there.

Lifespan and Lifestyle

Hutts lived a very long time, hundreds of years,. Their homeworld Varl was destroyed by natural disaster and so they ‘bought’ Hutta – aka Nal Hutta – from the Evocii. The Evocii ended up servants and slaves on their homeworld and were later assumed extinct in the galaxy. The moon of Nar Shaddaa became a criminal haven of sorts, convenient for their gambling, selling of spice and slaves, and keeping their smugglers immediately available.

Hutt Culture was focused on clans, some more powerful than others, with the more powerful looking down on the weaker. While Hutts will band together against other species and threats, they aren’t above dealing dirty with each other.

In general though most Hutts were immune to Jedi mind tricks. It was almost unheard of for one of them to be force sensitive. They were hermaphrodites, meaning they reproduce asexually (since they were slugs after all). They could change sex at will. It was not unheard of however for Hutt’s of the opposite sex to fall in love and mate.

Some clans, had differences: the shell hutts for instance preferred to live life in metal shells like mollusks to protect their soft sluglike bodies.

Like most species there were exceptions within Hutt Culture that didn’t agree with it. Some wished to return to being conquerors. A few had force sensitivity and sought the ability to be more. There might even be one or two seeking to reform it to get along with other species.


The Republic was a main rival, in that it considered many of their activities illegal. Their influence led to slavery being banned and spice controlled on many a world on the traderoutes.

The Empire might’ve been allies, but their shared interest in slaves and other common interests was limited by the fact that the Hutts were determined to remain in control, not be conquered or prevented selling to the other side.

Black Sun, Czerka and the Exchange were all criminal organizations around for hundreds of years as well. They dealt in much the same things, illegal goods and slavery, thus leading to conflict over profits and power.

The Frall gang led by Sise Fromm didn’t really gain much ground, but they tried during the Empire. Their Imperial contracts held potential but they had a disadvantage, Jabba the Hutt had a price on their heads.

Famous (Or Infamous) Hutts include:

Kossak Inijic Ar’durv who took down Xim the despot and left him to rot in his dungeons on Varl.

Ogurorubb (scientist) winner of the Bao Dur science award. He was on Makeb during the Hutt takeover but on deciding Toborro was mad, bailed out to help the Republic. He later joined the Outlander in his attempts to stop the Zakuul Empire.

Toborro was leader, or Supreme Mogul, of the clans after Karagga was killed. He took a run at restoring the Hutt glory by making a deal for resources on Makeb, discovering the rare resource Isotope-5. They took over the planet and led to it’s near destruction with their mining.

Szajin was head of intelligence for the Hutt cartel on Makeb and took the title Archon.

Nem’ro was the Hutt with the most power at Jiguuna on Hutta.

Fa’athra was a, crime lord who strove to claim power from Nem’ro in Jiguuna.

Karagga was so powerful on Hutta (and arrogant) such as a huge gold statue of himself on Nar Shaddaa. He wiped out an entire Exchange cell to get to his position of Supreme Mogul.

Gaboorga the Abundant and Duuba the Magnanimous created the Feast of Prosperity. They had different motives though, Gabooga aiming at wealthy donors and a means to smuggle spice with charities and Duuba more seeking to aid the poor.

Broga Masrii, Jeelta Urdosh and Portho Kaltemmic were members of the Three Families who chose to deal with the Republic during the war against the Sith. Portho decided to sell out to the Sith, knowing it would get the other 2 killed. The rest of the Cartel wasn’t thrilled wiht Families over this.

Jabba – who had control over a Bomarr Palace on Tatooine as well as a Mos Eisley townhouse. He had his fingers in many plots, he sponsored the Boonta Eve Podraces among others on Tatooine as well as having dealings with the Empire and Black Sun.

Gardulla the Elder was not quite as powerful as Jabba and was in fact a rival. But she makes the infamous list through who she once owned: Shmi and Anakin Skywalker. She lost them to Watto in a podrace. She did plan to oust Jabba by ending his weapon trade, getting rid of the Sharad Hett and the Tusken clan he led. This led to the orphaning of Asharad Hett.

Jilac, leader of the Basadii clan, sibling of Zorba and a genius and business. Jiliac was the one who plotted to break Besadii hold on the slave trade through their Ylesian operation.

Aruk was the leader of Besadii. This clever gangster was head of the operation on Ylesia. The operation preyed on the discontented citizens of the Empire who sought greater meaning, convincing them to become pilgrims on Ylesia. Tricked into serving a spice operation and become addicts to the affects of their T’landa Til cousins, they then sold them as slaves.

Durga who inherited the Besadii clan leadership. His quest to discover his parent’s killer led to him becoming a Black Sun Vigo and control of the Ylesian slave trade. He also tried to steal and build a super weapon built off the original Death Star Plans.

Mika Anjiliac was a seemingly likable one, with a touch of force sensitivity. He was a member of a clan who ran an unusual form of spice.

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