The Clone Wars Timeline

This was the end of many millennia of Republic rule and the golden age of the Jedi. It was brought about by careful plotting by the Sith.

The Clone Wars Multimedia Project

This project was a crossover between all media to tie in with each other and the movies. It began in 2002 and ended in about 2006. It included the Genndy Tartakovsky Microseries, the Dark Horse comics, the Del Rey novels and video games (such as Battlefront 2 and Clone Wars for XBox.) The Microseries animation was aired as short segments during commercial breaks on the Cartoon Network. They were so successful a second set was ordered, this one leading straight into Revenge of the Sith. The second chapter of the microseries, along with the novel ‘Labyrinth of Evil’ and the comic book short series “Obsession” were marketed as ‘must read lead ins’ to Revenge of the Sith.

The multimedia event established during the movies was never made compatible with the later created “The Clone Wars” TV show, movie and it’s accompanying media. It was supposed to be, but only after it was completed (which it wasn’t before the buyout.) In fact it was absorbed into Disney Canon. For that reason I won’t try and put that in the Timeline. I will try and put the seasons released before the cancellation of the Expanded Universe in a separate timeline and link it, however.

This page is a work in progress

Year 1

The Clone Wars Timeline
Dooku’s Bakuran Base


Master Tholme is left for dead and Sora Bulq captured. Bulq later returns for Tholme claiming to have escaped.
-Battle of Lok

The Clone Wars Timeline
Secret Intel on Corellia

Y’lenic Itk’la and Aayla Secura

These 2 Jedi are sent to Corellia, a world that has declared itself neutral, to retrieve the intel. They are helped by native Nejaa Halcyon, who has just returned from a clash against the Freedom’s Sons unauthorized privateering.

The Clone Wars Timeline

Trandoshans allied with Separatists invade

The Republic drives back the slavers but the planet would remain a hot spot in the war.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Dark Reaper

Dooku unearths ancient sith weapon

Left from the time of the Great Sith War, the weapon devastates the wookiee colony of Alaris Prime with the aid of the Force spirit of Uliq Qel Droma, Anakin Skywalker destroyed it.

Sev’rance Tann

Separatist Commander

The Decimator’s were captured by the enemy. Alaris Prime was conquered She also attacked Sarapin, a major energy supplier, causing core world blackouts. She was stopped by Jedi Echuu-Shen-Jon

The Clone Wars Timeline
Defense of Kamino

CIS tries to destroy the cloning facilities

They were stopped by Jedi Forces and the new Arc troopers.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Death on Oma D’un

Ventress & Durge revealed

A deadly bioweapon invented by Jenna Zan Arbor is tested on the Gungan moon. Kenobi, Skywalker, Glaive and Zule are sent to investigate. Glaive is killed, Zule maimed. Naboo was saved.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Small Battles

Battle of Pengalin IV
Omega Squad mission to Qiilura
Mace Windu investigates defecting Jedi and finds Sora Bulq has turned to the dark side.
Korunnai terrorsts attempt to hold Senator Tills hostage to turn the Corporate Sector against the Republic.
The Jedi Mission to Queyta finds the cure for the bioweapon used on the Gungan moon. But a second lab continues to refine the weapon.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Conquest of Muunlinst

Air and Land

Kenobi leads the ground forces, taking the planet in spite of interference from Durge. Skywalker defeats the space forces, but is lured away by Ventress in a starfighter. They battle on the Yavin 4 moon. Kenobi sent backup but only Anakin survived.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Battle of Mon Calamari AKA Dac

Kit Fisto

The Nautolan master saves the world for the Republic, encouraging the Mon Cal to make peace with the Moappa and Quarren. Some Quarren flee though & continue aiding the CIS elsewhere with ship building.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Battle of Dantooine

Mace Windu vs Seismic Tank

The battle was to the Republic until the Seismic Tank arrived. Most if not all the troops were killed. But Master Windu took out the Seismic tank, saving a Republic win.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Defense of Ilum

Jedi crystal caves attacked

The sacred Jedi ground was invaded by camouflage droids while Barriss Offee was building a new lightsaber there with Luminara Unduli. Yoda persuaded Senator Amidala to fly to the rescue.

The Clone Wars Timeline
The Battle of Hypori

Grievous revealed

Several Jedi were killed. Shaak Ti, Aayla, and Ki Adi Mundi were evacuated by a rescue team sent by Kenobi. K’kruhk was overlooked as a function of his biology was to ‘play dead’ when badly injured. He later returned to the fold.

Year 2

The Clone Wars Timeline
The capture of Brentaal IV

Unexpected Victory

The Republic had poor intel but in spite of the reinforced position of Warlord Tok, the Jedi discovered his fortress was actually a prison and rallied the inmates to help them take it.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Small victories

Skywalker & Kenobi destroy a droid factory at Nivek and take Terra Sool.
Windu & Saesee Tiin win the planet Ikotchi.
On Nadiem, Luminara & Barriss Offee beat off Grievous’s army.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Haruun Kaal

Depa’s darkness

Master Billaba seems to be involved in war crimes. Master Windu is forced to investigate. Windu wins the Haruun Kal system but the influence of the dark side causes Depa to attack him before falling into a coma.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Ord Cestus

JK Droids

Kenobi and Kit Fisto are sent to negotiate to stop Cestus cybernetics from selling JK (Jedi Killer) Droids to the CIS. If negotiations failed, they were to wage a campaign against them that could result in the destruction of the world.

The Clone Wars Timeline


– Separatists blockade Balamak only to be routed by Kenobi, Nanda Ree Janoo and Skywalker.
– The Jedi Dark Woman, Aayla, Tholme, put a stop to a smuggling ring run out of Devaron by it’s senator. Aurra Sing is arrested.
– Anarian Rangers are overthrown. They were allies of the Jedi, overthrown by Dooku’s Separatist allies on the world. It is at this time that Quinlan Vos infiltrates Dooku’s circle.

Bassandro Massacre

War Changes

Jedi Empatajayos Brand fires concussion missiles into a range of mountains at Separatist battle droids. The shrapnel hits many innocent villagers and miners. The CIS creates anti Republic Propaganda at this point, while COMPOR (pro human group) and non humans from CIS worlds are deported from Coruscant.

Coruscant Infiltration

Cortosis droids

These droids attempt to destroy the Jedi Archives but fail. Falling on the heels of the Sarapin blackout, this encourages the citizens to want more Clone Trooper presence visible on the planet. Omega Squad with Etain Tur-Mukan and Bardan Jusik hunt CIS terrorists on world.

The Clone Wars Timeline

Spaarti Cylinders

The plant that was a large employer on Cartao is converted to create these for the Republic. The Sith set things up so the plant will be destroyed but the Cylinders will end up on Wayland and Byss.

The Clone Wars Timeline
The Battle of Jabiim


While the local leader Alto Stratis was killed, the cost was too high and the planet lost. Many Jedi and troops were killed. Kenobi was MIA and assumed dead.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Battle of Aargonar

Asharad Hett discovers Anakin’s secret

Separated from the main force, the tusken Jedi’s padawan Bhat Jul is killed, leaving him alone with Anakin Skywalker. Anakin had a flashback while being attacked by the enemy and revealed the truth. Hett keeps the secret. They rejoin their forces, leading a native creature to attack the Separatists. They retreat to New Holstice to recover.
Meanwhile the CIS sets the world of Parcellus Minor’s flammable vegetation ablaze and destroys both sides.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Kenobi returns

Escape, Victory

Kenobi escapes Ventress with trooper Alpha. Anakin senses him in the Force and with Ki Adi Mundi goes to the rescue.
Anakin then liberated the world of Virujansi and became known as Warrior of the Infinite. Unfortunately, Togruta seceded at the same time.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Duro Disaster

Corellian Trade Spine

Grievous took Duro and had victory after victory on the Corellian Trade Spine. It was revealed corrupt Senators were involved in reassigning the fleet ships stationed to protect it. This led to military restructuring and possibly the Sector Governance Decree.

Battle of Forerost

Bulwark vs Victory

The techno union had bought this ancient shipyard & began building CIS ships, only to be blockaded by the Republic navy. When the Bulwark CIS ship fleet was launched, the Victory class ships were launched early on the Republic side. Dodonna and Screed led the charge and were hailed as heroes for stopping them.

Year 3

The Clone Wars Timeline

Bota Battles

Barriss Offee is sent to Drongar to aid the Medstar and RIMSOO there as a healer. She is also seeking a spy. The spy is found belatedly, after the quickly changing fungus loses its healing benefits due to genetic adaptation.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Devastation of Honoghr

Zan Arbor’s legacy

The upgraded swamp gas that destroyed Oma D’un was on a ship headed for Naboo when shot down over Honoghr. It poisons the world. Aayla tries to reach Quinlan Vos as they battle for the Scientific Information Package, seeing that his undercover assignment has taken him to the dark side.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Grievous’s Atrocities

He melted the crust of the world Humbarine, a Core Founder. He released Loedorvian Brain Plague into the Weemel Sector, killing most of the humans. He attacked Alderaan. He attacked 26 loyalist worlds, killing countless innocents and took lightsabers as trophies. Several Jedi wanted to mark him for death but the Council (Yoda) resisted. These Jedi prevented him from making Cyborgs of captured padawans.

Stone Mites


They were genetically engineered by Arkanians and CIS scientists. They devastated the planet Kishi until Jedi Healers stopped it. Unfortunately, Republic Intelligence’s director Armand Isard believed they came from Orleon. He launched them back at it, destroying that world. Too late they found the world had no involvement.

The Clone Wars Timeline

Communication Facility

The Republic had just won the world but they only had ground forces, no space reinforcements. The CIS came to get it. Pors Tonith, the Muun leader, was challenged only by Freedom’s Son’s Zozridor Slayke. He was eventually reinforced by General Nejaa Halcyon and Commander Anakin Skywalker. They retook the facility, rescuing most of the hostages successfully. This was Anakin’s final trial before being Knighted.
Nejaa Halcyon would die on Susevfi not long after, stopping dark Jedi.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Dreadnaughts of Rendili

Rendili Defects

The Jedi go to negotiate with fleet Commander Jace Dallin who was familiar with Plo Koon and Jan Dodoona. Mutiny nearly derailed things but the task force succeeded in retaking the Rendili fleet ships, with the aid of Dallin. Quinlan Vos also returned with Kenobi, who had answered his distress call to find Ventress and another of Dooku’s henchmen trying to kill him.
On returning to Coruscant for debrief, Ventress attacked Anakin, discovered his secret wife and threatened to kill her. Anakin entangled her in cables and dropped her off a skyscraper.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Outer Rim Seiges

Core and Colonies Won

The CIS reinforced the Mid and outer rim.
Kenobi and Skywalker took down General Dassayne on Bomis Korri IV. 2 Other Jedi deposed the enemy who had taken over the Orto government. Both sides were cast out of Bal’demnic by the natives.

The Clone Wars Timeline

Sora Bulq foiled

Oppo Rancisis was killed but , A’Sharad Hett, Quinlan Vos, Aayla Secura, K’Kruhk, Tholme, and Jeisel all survived and conquered. The planet itself would be retaken. Stass Allie would return for the next battle.

The Clone Wars Timeline
The Battle of Boz Pity

Anakin kills Durge while hunting Ventress with Kenobi. The battle includes several Jedi vs Grievous. Adi Gallia was killed. Ventress was captured as Dooku and Grievous fled. But the medical ship she was on disappeared.

– Yoda goes on a mission to Vjun to negotiate with Dooku the fallen Jedi’s surrender. 2 Jedi Knights are killed, the mission fails.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Cato Neimoidia

The Clue

Kenobi and Skywalker conquer the planet in such a rush the leader Nute Gunray leaves a major clue in the form of a communicator that allows access to the Sith and Grievious. They begin following the path to a Xi Charrian engraver, and on from one contact to the next, connecting it to Darth Maul’s ship.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Shu Mai

Toxic Water

The Jedi Barriss Offee and her new padawan Zondor are sent to arrest her. They are captured themselves. But Aayla and Clone Commander Bly rescue them. Mai escapes but leaves a deadly poison in the water supply.


Grievous attacks

The fact the Jedi are on the Sith trail is revealed when they use the broken code to discover Grievous’s next attack location. Initially they use only Jedi resources but are forced to reveal to the Chancellor that Kenobi and Skywalker are closing in.

The Clone Wars Timeline


Kenobi and Skywalker veer here to investigate the rumor that Grievous is here. They discover the people have a prophecy of a ghost hand that will save the people and Kenobi realizes it’s Anakin (and his ‘false hand’). Anakin destroys a techno union base experimenting on the Nelvaan males, and returns them home.


A Trap

Kenobi and Skywalker are led to Tythe on the clue it is a base for Dooku. This keeps them away from Coruscant at a critical time. Dooku escapes.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Coruscant Attacked

The Chancellor Captured

Grievous fights through the Jedi protection and takes the Chancellor ‘hostage’. Kenobi and Skywalker are recalled to rescue him as war breaks out in space around the planet.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Kenobi and Skywalker

Dooku is killed

Unbeknownst to Kenobi, Anakin had Dooku disarmed while he was knocked unconscious and Palpatine ordered him to finish him. He also ordered him to leave Kenobi, but he refused. As they fled they were captured and taken to Grievious, but were able to fight free. Anakin was able to crash land the disintegrating ship on Coruscant.

The Clone Wars Timeline

The Council VS Palpatine

Palpatine refuses to give up power until Grievious is caught. Anakin finds out Padme is pregnant and has nightmares of her death. Palpatine appoints him to the Jedi Council but they refuse him Mastery. Palpatine hints the Sith had the power to stop death in their loved ones.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Obi-Wan goes after Grievous on Utupau

Yoda goes to Kashyyyk.

The Clone Wars Timeline
Anakin finds Palpatine is a Sith

Grievous is defeated

Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Saesee Tiin and Agen Kolar act on Anakin’s report and go to arrest Grievous. All but Mace are killed quickly. Anakin shows up and pleads to just arrest him, but Mace insists he has to die. Anakin takes Windu’s hand with his lightsaber and agrees to become a Sith if Palpatine will save Padme. Order 66 begins, with Anakin, now Vader, leading the troops into the Jedi temple and the massacre falls all across the galaxy.

The Clone Wars Timeline
A New Empire

The Jedi declared traitors

Vader is sent to Mustafar to destroy the Separatist Council. This brings an end to the Clone Wars, given that Dooku and Grievous were already dead. Kenobi and Yoda survive, discover the truth and reset the emergency beacon in the temple to warn any surviving Jedi to hide. Yoda goes to confront the Emperor but fails & barely escapes. Kenobi tells Padme the truth but she won’t believe it. She goes to Anakin. He hides on her ship and she is hurt in the backlash when the former Anakin thinks she betrayed him. The two former friends battle, leaving Vader scarred and needing life support. Padme dies in childbirth, her children are hidden away. Kenobi and Yoda vanish into hiding.

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  • Labyrinth of Evil
  • Republic Commando (novels)
  • Revenge of the Sith MOVIE EVENT with novelization, comic adaptation, game


  • Battlefront 2
  • Republic Commando (Game)
  • Clone Wars (2002)
  • Jedi Starfighter
  • Galactic Battlegrounds (Clone Campaigns)
  • The New Droid Army

Stories that Touch on this Era

  • Dark Lord, Rise of Darth Vader
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  • Legacy (comics)

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Thanks to the Web Archive sources of the Wookiepedia before The Clone Wars TV show premier. Main Clone Wars page and battles of the Clone Wars page. Also thanks to various Star Wars Insider issues, the timelines in the Dark Horse graphic novels, and the timeline in the novels.