Galactic Alliance

When the Yuuzhan Vong attacked, the New Republic and Imperial Remnant had made their peace. None were prepared for the viciousness of the invaders from outside the galaxy. The Jedi found the ultimate foe: those who they could not sense with the Force at all. In the end, the New Republic falls and all are in retreat. So they form under a new banner with their allies: that of the Galactic Alliance. A new name for a new age.

Galactic Alliance

Yuuzhan Vong

They hate machines. They worship pain. They are cut off from the Force. The New Republic leadership tries to appease them by backing off & not supporting the Jedi. Outer rim worlds are falling & being terraformed. Mara Jade Skywalker is sick with a strange virus, but fights it off to give birth to Ben Skywalker.

Galactic Alliance

Bred to kill Jedi

Coruscant falls thanks to collaborators and it’s reluctance to unleash the military. Jedi are slain en masse. A strike team of young Jedi seek out the Voxyn Queen to destroy the threat. But some will die in battle. Anakin Solo is killed, Jacen Solo captured & Raynar Thul is missing.

Galactic Alliance
The Tide turns

The New Republic Regroups

With controversial military action, the tide including bioweapons, the war continues. Jacen Solo returns from torture & imprisonment by the Yuuzhan Vong with his captor: a former Jedi of the Old Republic, Vergere. The Imperial Remnant is also drawn into the War.

Galactic Alliance
Zonoma Sekot

The Jedi Seek a Living World

Legend of this world seems connected to the invaders. It is one entire living entity, all interconnected and sentient. The opposite of the Yuuzhan Vong. With the Sekot aiding the Jedi and claiming the Yuuzhan Vong ships the galactic battle is won. Meanwhile on the inside Jacen Solo battles the leader of this invasion.

Galactic Alliance


With the Yavin 4 Academy destroyed by the Yuuzhan Vong terraforming, Ossus is chosen as the new hope for the Jedi’s primary training grounds.

The New Republic reforms into the Galactic Alliance, the Empire joins it as well.

Galactic Alliance
Killiks VS Chiss

Raynar Thul

Jedi Raynar Thul is found, badly burned, now the Joined leader of the Killiks. Their membrosia is spreading and more and more are falling under the substance and the Killik hive mind. It’s up to to the Jedi to stop this by reclaiming one of their own.

Allana Solo is born to Jacen Solo & his lover Queen Tenel Ka of Hapes & Dathomir. Jacen has officially left the Jedi Order.


New Separatists

They want all the freedom of trade with the Galactic Alliance, with no of the responsibilities. Given that the ancient technology of these worlds can destroy stars, this is a dangerous civil war brewing. The Solo / Skywalker family, with it’s Corellian members, is caught in the crossfire.

Galactic Alliance

Lumiya Returns

Jacen Solo has abandoned the Jedi to become a member of the Galactic Alliance military. Lumiya gains his influence and draws him to the Dark Side, convinced he can save those he loves with it’s powers. His tactics turn increasingly brutal to counter Corellia and it’s allies. Ben Skywalker and Tahir Veila have also been drawn into his orbit. Eventually they have to choose a path.

Galactic Alliance
Mara Jade is killed

Truth about Sons

Mara Jade is killed by Caedus when she realizes he is influencing her son to the Dark Side. It’s going to be up to Ben Skywalker to find the truth. And Jacen’s twin Jaina to act on what they find to save the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance

Jedi Under Suspicion

Admiral Daala

Once more the public wants someone to blame for their troubles, and thanks to the fall of Jacen Solo and the erratic behavior of young Jedi it chooses the Jedi. Luke Skywalker goes into voluntary exile to investigate.

Galactic Alliance
The Lost Sith Return


Found by Ben Skywalker during the Corellian conflict, this ancient Sith vessel finds and frees the lost colony. They set out immediately to infiltrate the Galactic Alliance to overthrow it and destroy the Jedi.



This ancient entity seems involved with the erratic young Jedi. The Jedi Order finds it nearly impossible to function under increasing government restrictions.

Jedi vs Sith

Survival & Rebirth

The Lost Colony is still lost, but the attack on the Galactic Alliance is done. The Jedi have been exonerated. Abeloth may or may not still be a threat. But after generations of Jedi being betrayed by their leadership Grand Master Skywalker makes the decision. It’s time to officially separate themselves from the government. They will no longer be controlled (or limited) by politicians with ulterior motives.

Fel Empire

At this point, the story has a gap. We know that Jaina Solo was engaged to Jagged Fel and had been named the “Sword of the Jedi” by Luke Skywalker. We know that somewhere in here, the Fel family became Emperor of the Empire. They were strong in the Force and the Imperial Knights were founded. There allegiance was to the Emperor, but their duty was to the light side of the Force. Should he betray that, he was also betraying his oath to his people. It is conjectured that this legacy was founded by Jaina an Jag or their offspring. We also know during these years that Ben Skywalker had at least one child. The fate of Allana Solo and the Hapan throne is a mystery but it appears somehow that the Solo name also still continues.

Galactic Alliance
New Sith

Darth Krayt

From hiding this mysterious figure reformed the Sith. They abandon the Rule of Two.

Galactic Alliance
Yuuzhan Vong Resentment

The Jedi plan to terraform Ossus

Many in the Galactic Alliance have not forgiven the Yuuzhan Vong. They want revenge and this is a sentiment the Sith can use.

Galactic Alliance
Emperor Fel allies with the Sith

Galactic Alliance Breaks

The Yuuzhan Vong are framed for disaster. The GA breaks and the Sith help the Empire move in and retake Coruscant. The Jedi Temple there also falls.

Ossus Jedi Temple Falls

Skywalkers Lost

Kol Skywalker is the last of the line that is a Jedi but for his young son. Kol falls in battle, Cade is lost and the Jedi are forced to flee

Galactic Alliance
Cade, Bounty Hunter

Cade Skywalker

Picked up in the debris off Ossus by looting pirates, Cade joins them while never telling his identity. He grows into a bounty hunter addicted to Death Sticks until he finally turns in even a fellow Jedi for the bounty.

Chance for Redemption

The Fel’s and Skywalker Collide

Roan Fel sensed betrayal as soon as the Ossus Jedi Temple was attacked against his orders. He vanishes into hiding. The Sith attack the Imperial Mission where his daughter, Marasiah, is training as an Imperial Knight. She is forced to flee – and in so doing, finds herself on Cade Skywalker’s ship. When her missionary companion summons her brother for aid, the call is answered by 2 Jedi that Cade once knew well. The Sith’s attempts to kidnap the Princess force Cade to face his past.

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Crucible Hardcover.  The Jedi have left the political machinations of the Galactic Alliance government. Luke, Han and Leia are off on one final adventure