Charities & Allies

With Wookieepedia essentially having gone from fan site to marketing tool, its not so easy to find sites that focus more on the Expanded Universe and have useful and uncompromised resources. It’s also not so easy to find charities related to Star Wars I generally trust. Here are a few. I doubt some of them are aware I or this site exist, but that is okay. I know they exist, and have worthy content.


Twin-Suns Foundation


They are dedicated to getting the Expanded Universe continued. Part of this is making sure that new fans find the stories we grew up loving and the other part is making sure Lucasfilm knows we haven’t gone away, nor do we plan too. The main approach is purchasing Star Wars Expanded Universe (now labeled Legends) and donating it to Children’s Hospitals, schools and libraries. They have teamed up at times with the 501st Legion to do this. They have successfully put up 3 billboards requesting more of our Expanded Universe timeline..

The Peter Mayhew Foundation

This one usually helps children in need, and was founded by none other than the original Chewbacca the wookiee himself, Peter Mayhew. Since he’s passed on they continue the mission, donating toys and assistance to kids who need it. They frequently offer a special wookiee coin (quality, not plastic) to donors.

Star Wars Sites

The Expanded Universe

This one has lots of articles by various fans, as well as a list of what book comes in timeline order. It’s pretty intensive (as opposed to my site which went for the best place to jump in that was accessible.)

Star Wars Timeline

This site offers an extensive timeline of not only the stories but even where certain flashback chapters would go. I find it overwhelming but still useful. They also have various stories that were lost, such as those locked behind the old original paywall of Hyperspace., pdfs of the West End Games stories, and even a few lost stories.

Star Wars Interviews

This site has a growing list of interviews. It has our canon as well as the other and has authors, models, voice actors, actors, cast, crew and more. This site is sadly being discontinued, however, you can find it redirecting to this Netherlands site. (The interviews themselves are harder to find but still in English.) You can also find the original site archived here.

Star Wars Online Map

This has a map made during our canon’s years of the Star Wars galaxy. It looks similar enough to the ones used in the Essential Atlas I wouldn’t be surprised if they hired him to do those. It has downloadable versions as well.


While some of these I took myself, I also found a few other sites that had loads you can download.


This has the 6 movies and the 2003 Clone Wars as well as that other stuff. You can often download a complete directory of the images off this.

Star Wars Screencaps

This one again has both canons but its been erratic lately. It had Blu-Ray and 4k screencaps, but lately the Blu-Ray aren’t loading. Also sometimes images save as webp, which may save on file size but doesn’t work for every project you might want it for.