About this Site

What is this site for:

This site was created by myself, Rebel Je’daii, to educate about the Expanded Universe I’m just a fan, not an employee of LFL or Disney. While Wookieepedia is a vast and impressive resource, content is laid out in a way that makes it sometimes hard to tell where it came from. Also Wookieepedia give so much information, one might think one doesn’t need to read a book or play a game to decide whether the resource (the novel, comic or game) is good or bad. This judgement has led some who have not experienced the stories to pre-judge them.

This site seeks, instead of laying out everything, to just tell you just enough and where it comes from so you might seek out the story for yourself. It also lays out how it interacts with the other stories in the expanded universe. If a book’s newly introduced characters appear in other stories, they will be mentioned. If the events impact other stories, they will be mentioned.

What are my Qualifications?

Given the sheer amount of the expanded universe out there, I do not claim to have read or played every game, book or comic. I aspire too, but there are a lot and finding older stuff and ways to play games designed for various operating systems can be expensive. However what I have, what I read and observe, I take note of in order to share, in hopes someone else will discover the enjoyment I have. You don’t need to read it all to enjoy it. But when you catch the references that tie it all together it is like an Easter egg in a TV show: a reference that isn’t always necessary but which is fun for those who recognize it.

In some cases, such as the clone wars era, there was never an ‘official’ word on the Holocron’s decision on apparently contradictory events caused by the TV show. Events were being continually smoothed and course corrected over time if possible. This time ran out upon the Disney purchase, leaving confusion in that era unresolved. For that reason I’m trying to have a separate area for that, while still including what was created before the reboot.

However if there is a way to potentially explain events, it will be mentioned, with the observation this is not an ‘official’ explanation only a possible one.

Information in this site comes from:

  • Bantam and Del Rey Novels.
  • Lucasarts Video Games
  • Dark Horse Comics
  • West End Games RPG Sourcebooks and Adventure Journals
  • Classic Marvel Comics

Continue the Expanded Universe Movement, AKA Give Us Legends:

This site also invites you to consider joining the movement to get the Expanded Universe, now known as Legends, continued. For this reason pages are also dedicated to quotes proving that the EU was considered canon and all based on one storyline, that complimented the movies and was even used in the prequels. Because Disney is an entity beloved from childhood and often unquestioned, a page is dedicated to their questionable decisions, many of them recent. Disney is a corporation like any other, it’s founder long gone. Those at the top are human and just as inclined to make mistakes and fall to the Dark Side (in this case, greed and ego) as any other.

About Rebel Je’daii

It is my belief they have made a very big miscalculation in Star Wars and those who love it deeply. We cared for a quality story that combined escape from real world issues and yet inspiration for our real lives. We identified with characters for who they were inside and their struggles, not their shallow physical characteristics. Slapping a Star Wars sticker on something doesn’t make it Star Wars. A garbage truck with a Star Wars sticker is still a garbage truck. Star Wars made us empathize with a story far beyond planet Earth and it’s comparatively petty troubles, and that was a good thing.

The name Rebel Je’daii is a combination of (obviously) the Rebels of the Rebel Alliance as well as Je’daii, a term used in Dawn of the Jedi for ancient Jedi before the schism and similar to the different species terms for them.