Heroes of the Republic & Alliance

These are the Heroes of the Old Republic and the New, the Rebel Alliance, and even a few that belong to none but just share their values. Read their biography, but don’t expect a full reveal! There is a list of their adventures so you can discover them for yourself!

  • C-3PO and R2-D2 Expanded
    C-3PO and R2-D2 are the two characters are the galaxies witness within all six movies. They’ve carried secrets and been the comedy as well as the unexpected heroes of many adventures. But even droids have character growth, at least when they haven’t had a memory wipe. And their shared adventures go far beyond what is … Read more
  • Anakin Skywalker Expanded
    “He can help you. He was meant to help you.” Shmi Skywalker to Padme and Qui-Gon Jinn As a boy, Anakin Skywalker had a generous heart, courage, and a sense of honesty. He had compassion on those around him. It was the darkest of fates that led to him being twisted into everything he once … Read more
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi Expanded
    Obi-Wan Kenobi never expected to be a legend. Raised by the Jedi, his only ambition was to become a Jedi Knight and be the best padawan he could along the way. It turned out harder than he thought. His unorthodox journey would make him a hero of the Clone Wars and the Master the other … Read more
  • How Ackbar warned me about Preconceptions
    I was very young when Star Wars was first released.  I quickly grew to love Science Fiction. I knew nothing of human biases. I grew up in a school with different races and never had a particular problem with any. My fav Sci fi being Star Wars and Star Trek, even classic Battlestar Galactica, none … Read more
  • Jar Jar Binks the Unsung Rejected Hero
    Jar Jar Binks has a story arc that is so accurate a statement on humanity that people rejected it, backlashing against artist, actor and character but he can teach us a lot about how even the most worthless looking person may just need to be chosen and accepted to make a difference. His journey begins … Read more
  • Lando Calrissian Expanded
    Lando Calrissian apparently wanted to be a gambler and con artist from an early age. And he succeeded well enough to win fortunes (and lose them), starships, robots, and a mining colony. He also smuggled part time and even tried his hand at legitimate shipping. He had an entrepreneurial streak, but while on the surface … Read more
  • Luke Skywalker Expanded
    Luke Skywalker was just a farm boy with big dreams. It looked like would never act on them. But he had a past even he knew nothing about. And a destiny that was greater than he could imagine. Due to his Uncle’s interference, he kept procrastinating at going away to the Imperial Academy. Falling for … Read more
  • Kyle Katarn
    The man who stole the Death Star Plans. The beginnings of Kyle Katarn. Kyle Katarn is a farmer’s son who only went to the Carida imperial Academy for the educational opportunities. He had no idea his father was head of a local Alliance Resistance cell. His life turned upside down when he was told the … Read more
  • Star Wars Women of the Old Republic
    Just in Time for Woman’s History month, a celebration of some of the  strong women in Star Wars Old Republic era. From the most ancient of times before the Republic to its very end before it became the Galactic Empire, brave woman have stood up for their beliefs and supported others. These are some of … Read more
  • Star Wars Women New Republic era & Beyond
    Leia Organa Solo After the heroism of the Rebellion, Leia found the talents in diplomacy inherited from her mother, Padme Amidala Skywalker and her adoptive father, Bail Organa, in high demand. It was Leia who brought the aid of the Hapans to the New Republic as well as helping free Dathomir from Nightsisters and Warlord … Read more
  • Star Wars Women – Rebellion Era
    Princess Leia and Mon Mothma were not the only women to lead the charge for freedom and democracy. There were others that made a huge impact, overcoming long odds and adversity to become strong leaders in their chosen causes in the years the Galactic Empire was in control.  These blurbs may include minor spoilers, and … Read more
  • Han Solo Expanded Movie Character
    Han Solo started out as just a smuggler with a fast mouth and fast blaster. But he had something different from the start. He had the intense loyalty of the wookiee copilot and an incredible ship, the Millenium Falcon. Far from the piece of junk she appeared to be, the Falcon was in fact a … Read more
  • Wedge Antillies Expanded
    Wedge Antillies started as a mere background character in the original trilogy movies. He was the sole survivor of all 3, survivor of 2 Death Stars and the Battle of Hoth. He had very few lines. Wedge gets a big boost in the Thrawn trilogy when he and the Rogues join the heroes in winning … Read more
  • Quinlan Vos
    Quinlan Vos led a tumultuous life. His early years were spent training under Master Tholme on Kiffar, an unusual move as it meant growing up with his biological family. But when his parents were brutally murdered, the Sheyf, his grandmother, encouraged him to use his rare skill to ‘read’ an object and see how they … Read more
  • Qui-Gon Jinn Expanded
    Qui-Gon Jinn is a Jedi considered a bit of a maverick by the Jedi council because he doesn’t always follow the Code. He focused more on the Living Force than on the Unifying Force. He was secretly learning how to be able to allow himself in the living Force after death. Qui Gon Jinn was … Read more
  • Movie Character – Leia Organa – Expanded
    Leia grew up the Princess of Alderaan. She preferred being more rough and tumble than a traditional regal Princess. She was strong willed and trained to resist interrogation. In spite of her planet’s pacifist stance, she was taught self defense techniques. Leia had no idea that her biological parents were as famous as her adoptive … Read more
  • Tenel Ka
    Jedi, Princess and then Queen of Hapes. Her father is Prince Isolder of Hapes, her mother, Tenenial Djo of the Singing Mountain Clan on Dathomir. Tenel Ka is strong, fiercely independent but also loyal and brave. Her closest friends were Jacen and Jaina Solo, and Lowbacca. She lost an arm in a training accident but … Read more
  • Movie Character – Chewbacca – Expanded
    Chewbacca the wookiee was of the village,  Rwookrrorro. His family included  his father, Attichicuk, a sister, Kallabow, nephew, Lowbacca, and eventually a wife named Mallatobuck and son named Lumpawarrump. As a youth he was impatient to be considered an adult, and recklessly descended into the shadowlands to prove himself. Unfortunately, younger friends followed him. When … Read more
  • Mara Jade
    “The Jedi were not the only users of the Force in the galaxy; from Hapes to Haruun Kal, from Kiffu to Dathomir, powerful Force-capable humans and near humans had long reused to surrent their children to lifelong bound servitude in the Jedi Order. They would not so refuse the Sith Army. They would not have … Read more
  • Nomi Sunrider of Tales of the Jedi
    Era: Pre Ruusan Old Republic Nomi Sunrider was a Jedi who trained under Master Thon on Ambria, in ancient days. She was the widow of Andur Sunrider, also a Jedi, and mother of Vima Sunrider. Her most famous skill was in battle meditation. Her maiden name was Da Boda. She began training late in life, … Read more
  • Tahiri Veila
    Era: After the Battle of Endor. Tahiri hails from Tatooine, where she was raised by the tusken raider tribe led by Sliven after her parents death. At age nine she was discovered by Luke Skywalker and Tionne and brought to the Jedi Academy. Her best friend is Anakin Solo. Tahiri prefers to go barefoot and … Read more
  • Anakin Solo
    A young Jedi, youngest son of Han Solo and Leia, grandson of Anakin Skywalker. He had ice blue eyes and dark hair. Anakin Solo had a unique talent for fixing machines and solving puzzles. He started at the Jedi Academy when he was 11 and went on numerous adventures with his best friend, Tahiri Veila. … Read more