Double the Billboard Double the impact

The billboard is back!

Twin Suns Foundation started out as Give Us Legends. This is where the first ever Star Wars billboard requesting new Expanded Universe came from. While it’s intent was misconstrued by the mainstream media and the clickbait fan sites ignored it, LFL knew exactly what it meant.

Cut to years later, the original domain name was hijacked that was on that old billboard but the new one is and it’s more than alive and kicking. Since it became an officially recognized 501c3 charity, it has already given over a thousand books to children in hospitals, at recreation centers and been invited to Star Wars Celebration (twice!)

Now the latest announcement is a new fundraiser for TWO new billboards! The demand hasn’t gone away. Marvel saw fit to give us issue 108 of the original Marvel series decades after the fact. Star Wars the Old Republic has had the Ossus expansion, a new Dantooine event and we look forward to the new Onslaught event on Onderon. Note that all these locations are worlds originally explored in the Expanded Universe.  If they can give us these, they can give us more comics and novels.

Meanwhile the original excuse, ‘we’re focused on the new trilogy’ is about to expire as of December.

Now is the time. The billboard is already over 25% funded. Get in on the action!  November 31st is the deadline for these billboards to get up next year!
Check out their donate page
And their new billboard details!