Han Solo Trilogy by Ann Crispin Continuity

Han Solo trilogy book 1 The Paradise Snare coverThis is one of the most amazing trilogies ever regarding continuity. Han Solo’s story is followed from his childhood taken in by a thief to right before A New Hope. It’s also one of my favorites.

The Han Solo trilogy explains many things never seen but clearly implied by the movies. Less a case of how it influenced future stories and far more the case of how it seamlessly interwove stories previously published into its story, giving the history behind things later in the chronology. Han’s background in this is apparently based on George Lucas’s original character notes involving Han being an orphan raised by ‘free traders’ (outlaw and smugglers) and wookiees (or in this case, a wookiee.)

We have how Han learned to understand Wookiee as well as Hutteese. Where, how and why he learned to fly starships. How he was a respected officer in the Empire and went to a smuggler with a Wookiee with a life debt at his side. Of course, it also tells us how he won the Falcon. We even see him dump a shipment of spice that led to his trouble with Jabba. What got Han in so much trouble with Lando that he feared he might hold a grudge. We see his first brush with Rebels here and why he might have been so concerned about getting paid.

The Han Solo trilogy story interweaves multiple characters and threads from the rest of the Expanded Universe. It also expertly weaves around Han Solo adventures by Brian Daley that occurred in the Corporate Sector, even giving why he went there in the first place. It doesn’t forget Lando either.  The character of Vuffi Raa is in this at Lando’s side, revealing hints of his adventures In the Lando Calrissian Adventures by L. Neil Smith.

In the Han Solo trilogy we not only see him,  but the whole Hutt culture gets uncovered.  From Jabba’s relationship with his aunt and her child, to their rivalry with another clan.  Hutt culture involves intrigue and murder. And who knew they had a whole species that were cousins and just as much into the spice and slave trade as they were?

Influence on later stories:

Han’s Alias: Jenos Idanian, was later used by Corran Horn in I,Jedi

Togorians. The feline species later shows up in Knights of the Old Republic (comic) Knight Errant ,Jedi Apprentice, Republic (comic), Shatterpoint, Dark Times,  Tatooine Ghost, Thrawn Duology, Survivor’s Quest, New Jedi Order, Dark Nest, Crucible.

Tlanda’ Til – Appear later in the New Jedi Order.

Ylesia – the planet is mentioned in various games and stories, and is visited in the New Jedi Order.

Bria Tharen – Han’s former girlfriend and fiance also appears in Underworld: the Yavin Vassilika by Dark Horse Comics.

Chewbacca’s marriage to Mallatobuck happens here. While she was introduced in the Wookiee storybook and the Holiday Special with their son, this is our first true look at events that lead into scenes from Chewbacca, the tribute comic by Dark Horse.

Characters drawn from other stories include:

Salporin and Ralrracheen, (wookiees) from the Thrawn trilogy.

Mako Spince (smuggler), Shug Ninx (mechanic), Salla Zend (smuggler and lover) , Vima Da Boda (former Jedi / fortune teller) – Dark Empire

Kid DXo’ln, Zeen Afit, Wynni and Sinewy Ana Blue (smugglers) – The New Rebellion

Xaverri (stage magician and expert con artist out for revenge on Imperials) – The Crystal Star

Roa and Lwyll – (Smuggler who taught Han the Kessel Run and his wife) Han Solo Adventures (Han Solo’s Revenge)

Durga the Hutt (Rival of Jabba & Black Sun Vigo)- Darksaber and Shadows of the Empire

Thracken Sal Solo (Unwanted Relative) – The Corellian Trilogy

Senator Garm Bel Iblis, Winter (Leia’s aid and intelligence agent) – Thrawn Trilogy

Vuffi Raa (Droid) – Lando Calrissian Trilogy

Dash Rendar – Shadows of the Empire

Vima Da Boda (fallen/lost Jedi/ Vagrant) – Dark Empire

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