Short Stories in Novels

Back of the Outbound Flight paperback

I’d been wondering for a time now about whether the short stories in novels would appear in the newer Trade market paperbacks. I had heard no mention (in spite of asking on social media) whether they had all the same stuff as their mass market paperbacks. I don’t live near a new book store myself, and my last visit none were in stock at all.  I wasn’t too surprised to see reports that the short stories in novels had vanished from the new versions.

What did surprise me, but probably shouldn’t have, is the news on Twitter that the E-Book versions based on the mass market paperbacks had updated and removed those short stories.  Now speaking for myself, if I bought a book, paper,, hardcover or digital, I expect to keep what I bought, all of it! Not have it willy-nilly removed after I’ve paid for it. And for that matter I want the original cover.  If you want to offer the option of an update that is fine. But it doesn’t sound like these were optional or even expected!  I already wasn’t keen on digital copies, now I wouldn’t take it if you gave it to me.

I’ve done some research to find which books originally had short stories.  I guess if you want them now you must stick to the mass market paperbacks or find a way to burn them permanently to a disc or something (if that is even doable.)

Short Stories in Novels – These Novels have Short Stories.

The added stories into novels started apparently with the Del Rey era. Some of them were original available as E-Books (ironic) or online at Hyperspace (the Star Wars sites subscriber only section, now inaccessible.)  Some were from magazines. Several of these stories are directly connected to the novels they appear in, as if much like an extra chapter.

Short Stories in Novels:  Prequels

  • Darth Maul Shadowhunter Saboteur, an E-Novella – original release – also Restraint – later release (Luceno) The releases had different cover art. Both shorts are precursors to the novel, the latter is to attempt to correct contradictions caused by The Clone Wars tv show.
  • Outbound FlightMist Hunter (Zahn) – This story is a slightly edited version of what appeared in the Star Wars Adventure Journal, brought up to date with the prequels. It involves the discovery of Thrawn during his Exile and as such happens soon after the novel.
  • Cestus Deception The Hive (Barnes) – The story takes place in the middle of the main books content, like an extra chapter.
  • Shatterpoint – Equipment (Stover). Incognito is tied into events of the book but told from the clone trooper point of view.
  • Kenobi Incognito (Miller) – Incognito happens right before the Obi-Wan delivers baby Luke to the Lars.

Short Stories in Novels:  Original Trilogy

  • Scoundrels Winner Lose All (Zahn)
  • Honor Among Thieves – Silver and Scarlet (Corey)

Short Stories in Novels: New Jedi Order

  • NJO Star by Star Recovery (Denning)
  • Dark Nest 1 Joiner King – NJO Ylesia (Williams) – This was originally an E-Novella
  • Legacy of the Force BetrayalIn his Image and A Two-Edged Sword (Traviss, from Vader the Ultimate Guide) A caharacter is involved in LOTF whose grandfather served alongside Darth Vader in the shorts.
  • LOTF Sacrifice – Boba Fett: A Practical Man (Traviss)