Star Wars Interviews Rereleased

Star Wars Interviews was a site and also a series of books dedicated to Interviews with all sorts of people involved with the Star Wars galaxy. Actors, cast and crew, behind the scenes folks, game developers, authors and so on were all on his site. Sadly, the site was removed. Disclaimer here: that isn’t me. I’m not the author. The author and owner of said site and books is Dennis Pellegrom. And no, you won’t find any affiliate or kickback links here. Just someone who believes history shouldn’t be forgotten.

Star Wars interviews by Dennis Pellegrom
Star Wars Interviews 1 & 2. These are the Amazon versions.

Star Wars Interviews in Books

Many (maybe all) of the Star Wars Interviews from the site were in the books 5 books (I only knew of 4). The first 2 contain the original trilogy and expanded universe interviews, the third had the prequels and the expanded universe. The fourth was mostly Disney stuff. The fifth I knew nothing of but now know is full of expanded universe interviews as well as more movie cast interviews.

Unfortunately, Amazon apparently got worried about the IP issue (I mean what would you call a book full of interviews with Star Wars involved people?) Disney now owns Star Wars and they can be pretty paranoid. They hit the MMOFolklorist for their book on Star Wars Galaxies for what was apparently the same issue. So they took them down, to my dismay as I didn’t yet have the third book and didn’t even know about the fifth until too late.

But they are now on Lulu! All 5 have been rereleased and I instantly bought the 2 I wanted. But remember Lulu is the place Heart of the Jedi was released, at only printing costs after the author freely released the story that was originally authorized by Lucasfilm, only to have them change their minds. That got taken down. So the risk is still there on Lulu that the terror of the Mouse’s lawyers will risk it being removed.

Why should you consider getting the books

One word that as a site that loves continuity I should harp on more: history. The world in general seems determined to rewrite history. But the Star Wars Interviews involve people that were there when the films, and all the surrounding media were made. These are the thoughts of the authors, of the behind the scenes crew, of cast members who thought they were bit players only to find out they had their own action figure!

I’ve set it elsewhere on this site: websites and digital aren’t forever. Nothing really is of course, but all it takes is a push of a button to delete the evidence, a site going down due to the owner no longer being there to maintain it. But a physical book is physical history that can’t be rewritten or deleted with a button push. But only as long as someone is willing to print! So seriously, die hard fans, read the list of interviews in these books and consider grabbing your favs lest they be lost.

The links are here, they all claim to have expanded universe but the Disney era one, I only recognize two name (Jason Fry, an author, and Vanessa Marshall who did voices in SWTOR, though is mainly known for the new era) and so skipped getting it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more in it, just that I don’t recognize them.

Star Wars Interviews the Site

Presumably, modern day Disney Lucasfilm isn’t as accommodating to people wanting interviews as the previous Lucasfilm (that isn’t hard to guess, if you know what happened to J.W. Rinzler’s blog), and not all those one might want an interview with have the time or inclination.

The domain was taken over by someone else. If you want the original version, the web archives exist but may not have all the pages. I did frantically start saving them when the announcement came through but I doubt I got them all. The last archive date before the redirect is March 11, 2023.