Passing the Torch to The Next Generation of Star Wars Fans

The next generation. depends on Leia finding out more about Shmi Skywalker and her relationship with her son in mission to their homeworld in Tatooine Ghost.

After the reboot, Lucasfilm employees said flat out that the old canon would soon be forgotten, then next generation of Star Wars fans would never know it. Those of us who loved the old, refuse to let that happen. Their promise that they would all have one canon fell through when it became clear they cared little for consistency with the lore of the original movies, or even their own storyline. If you want a consistent story made by people who care and guided by the original creator’s intent, then the original canon is the way to go

Why Care about the Next Generation of Star Wars Fans Discover these Stories?

The next generation of Star Wars fans deserves the same joy we got out of these stories, the same hopeful inspiration to setting long term goals and overcoming challenges. The original Star Wars canon gave them just such in the way of heroes. It gave them the struggles of the Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi & Republic citizens during the Clone Wars, pushed outside their comfort zones and faced with impossible challenges. Luke and Leia were the long term hope that would one day restore both the Jedi and the Republic. It didn’t matter your color, race, species, male or female….any could be a hero and none were looked down on for skin deep traits.

Shadows of the Empire

Just as the original movies were chapters in one story, the original canon with a consistent continuity let the characters grow. It had it’s highs, lows, the occasional hiccups. These are stories George Lucas himself had to approve, at least regarding main characters from the movies and the ability and goals of Jedi and Sith. He has no such control now, yet the Universe is his brainchild, just as Middle Earth is Tolkien’s, and Narnia is CS Lewis.

“Since it is so likely that (children) will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.”

― C.S. Lewis

How You Can Help

So lets make sure the next generation of Star Wars fans, know about the original canon. Let them at least have the knowledge to choose which stories stand the test of time, for to do that, they have to know about them. Start with your (or their) favorite characters or a favorite era. Read or play the stories that warn of perils of life, the world, governments and powerful people. Read the short term victories, big failures, but long term triumph. Its a rough world out there, and there is no better place to escape to where the heroes can inspire our own story’s path.


This is Twin Suns Foundations specialty and an excellent place to donate, or just share their fundraisers if you can’t. They call for both canons to be continued, for they don’t want anyone to suffer having their stories ripped away and abandoned. Knowing one is being overlooked, they donate these books to kids in hospitals and schools. Check for their latest donation drive!