Barnes & Noble Hardcovers Star Wars Boba Fett & Kenobi

Han Solo Trilogy Barnes & Noble Special Edition Hardcover

We had already gotten a  special, omnibus leather like hardcover options before. The original trilogy versions had Vader or Leia as a cover choice (Vader is still available and by far the most common.)  We also got a very nice Han Solo hardback, with A.C. Crispin’s trilogy. That’s in the featured image. Now it looks like two new ones are on the horizon. These come with a nice built in ribbon bookmark.

The Bounty Hunter Trilogy by K.W. Jeter  and Tales of Kenobi which features Kenobi by John Jackson Miller and Approaching Storm by Alan Dean Foster are up for pre-order. They are currently listed for September 14 2022. (No, these are not affiliate links.)

That is the good news. The bad news is the price has almost doubled. The OT novelizations and Han Solo one were both $25 each. These are listed at over $40!

The Bounty Hunter trilogy was originally released in paperback. I’m not aware of any previous hardcovers, unless they had a book club special somewhere.

The Bounty Hunter Trilogy stars Boba Fett, with Dengar and Prince Xixor thrown in as well.  Tales of Kenobi’s stories are both excellent. The Approaching Storm I have reviewed here. It involves the mission to Ansion right before Attack of the Clones. Anakin, of course, is still his padawan.  Kenobi is set directly after Revenge of the Sith as Obi-Wan tries to balance how to be a Jedi, keep a low profile and not get involved with the neighbors.  I’ve reviewed that one here. Not so easy a task as one might think!  It seems these are ‘book end’ stories of Obi-Wan, one set right before the Clone wars break out, the other right after it’s ended (in disaster.)