SWTOR Planets and their Origins

Some worlds were invented just for Star Wars the Old Republic, such as Quesh, Voss and Odessan. But others had their origins in other media. Some were in the movies but others were in the books, comics, and other video games before they are visited in this era. The game does an impressive job bringing these planets to life with their culture and character intact. Here is a brief glimpse into the original sources.

Main Worlds


Coruscant and the spaceport
Senate Plaza

The description for the planet came straight from the notes of George Lucas, but the name came from Heir to the Empire. The city planet has been the contested capital since the most ancient days of the Republic until over 100 years after the Rebel Alliance fought to reclaim it.

Dromund Kaas

A Sith Temple on Dromund Kaas

Dromund Kaas first appears in Dark Forces Jedi Knight 2, Mysteries of the Sith expansion. Kyle Katarn visits this long lost Sith world & fails to return. Mara pursues him to the planet & finds he has been seduced by the dark side power there. At the time there were non native creatures, including ysalamiri, sith zombies and other dangers to contend with.


Korriban, with giant statues, moons and Imperial starships hovering
Valley of the Sith

The planet of Korriban is introduced in Tales of the Jedi. The abandoned ancient tombs there were full of Sith traps after the Sith were driven back during the last attempt to conquer the Republic. By the time of the prequels it’s holds a small spaceport the Jedi only reluctantly visit.

Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell
Beach on Ord Mantell

First mentioned in the Empire Strikes Back. But the first visit to this world was in the Bounty Hunter of Ord Mantell, a Williamson comic strip later reprinted as Classic Star Wars. Han Solo frequently visited the planet for repairs and smuggling runs both for clients and the Rebels due to it’s relatively lawless nature.

Hutta or Nal Hutta

Hutta approach, Imperial Side
Hutta approach, Imperial Side, the smuggler moon Nar Shaddaa visible above.

Han Solo visits Nal Hutta in the Han Solo trilogy as he breaks into the smuggling business. He spends a fair bit of time on this world since he is doing smuggling runs for Jabba the Hutt.

Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa, all lit up.
The vertical city of Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa is known as the smugglers moon. It circles the planet Hutta, AKA Nal Hutta. Han Solo returns to his old apartments after his long sojourn with the Rebellion & New Republic to find help in infiltrating the Empire’s Deep Core world, Byss. The Han Solo Trilogy gives us a great tour of both the planet and it’s citizens. Kyle Katarn also visits the world regularly with some serious force jumping and sniping action in the various Dark Forces games. Anakin Skywalker’s first kill with a lightsaber is here when he, Kenobi and Siri Tachi break up a slaving ring.


Balmorra with the Republic fleet above
Balmorra from space, Republic approach

The industrial world of Balmorra first appears in Dark Empire 2. The planet is a master at weapons manufacture and hotly contested by the New Republic and the Empire


Alderaanian Palace

We first meet Alderaan in a New Hope just in time to see it blown up. The Illustrated Guide to the Galaxy is our first real view of the world as remembered by a native. It shows the Killik mounds (the Killiks are long gone). Han visits it in the Han Solo Trilogy and finds its incredibly crime free and not at all suited for a guy looking to earn a less than legal buck. The Thul family which vies with the Organas and Republic in the game was first introduced in Young Jedi Knights, with Raynar Thul, a young Jedi in training.


Hoth snowy landscape of canyons and distant mountains
Hoth Icescape

Our first look is in The Empire strikes back but we get a better idea how the Rebels found it in the classic comics when Luke and C3PO crash on the planet while scouting. These comics also reveal that there is lumnispice, dragon snakes and volcanic vents buried under the ice. This explains why in SWTOR the planet has volcanic vents.


Belsavis and avolcanic rift
Belsavis volcanic rift under the ice

The world of Belsavis first appears in Children of the Jedi. The Jedi hid out on this world of volcanic rifts and icy surface after Order 66 during the Purge. It’s since become a home to a thriving agricultural industry. In between eras it was apparently lost. No sign of the prisons in that, but after millennia there is plenty of time to be buried in ice!


A view of Icy Ilum at night, looking at the moons
View of Ilum’s snow and ice with a nightsky

The first look at the planet Ilum comes from the Jedi Quest comic and novel. Obi-Wan takes Anakin there to the temple, to build his first lightsaber. We later see it in the Clone Wars microseries when Luminara takes Barriss there to build a new lightsaber upon finishing the Jedi trials. The temple is attacked by camouflage droids. It will later be attacked again by the Empire trying to destroy everything to do with the Jedi.


A Republic ship heads to the planet of Taris
Taris from Space, Republic approach

This world was first revealed in Knights of the Old Republic game, then in the comics. At the heights the planet looks like a clean, beautiful world but the ugliness is revealed by a decidedly pro human bias. There are shops and clinics, cantinas and chances to gamble with credits or lives. Swoop gangs fill the lower level and at the very bottom are the exiled. Cast out for crimes that they or even their ancestors committed. These levels are infested with rakghouls and one bite can turn the unfortunate into a monster themselves. A Jedi enclave once stood here, though some decidedly unJedi acts were committed by those entrusted with it, leading to it’s fall even before the Mandaloreans invaded, followed soon after by the Sith.


A fortress on Tatooine
Tatooine Landscape

First appearing in A New Hope, we get greater insight into the people from Illustrated Guide to the Star Wars Galaxy. Naturally, it shows up in many of the novels, comics and games. It may be the world “farthest from the center of the galaxy” but for folks on the run that is an attraction. One of the earliest stories that gives insight is the Classic Marvel comic ‘Crucible’ where Luke flashes back to an adventure he had with his childhood friend who will be rebel, Biggs. It involved the sand people’s feud with the Settlers, militia and smugglers. The novelization for the first movie itself suggests it is theorized to once have been a lush world and that the Jawa and Sandpeople were once one people. Dawn of the Jedi reveals this ancient view.


A view of Tython's Jedi Temple
Tython’s Jedi Temple


Tython is first visited in the Darth Bane trilogy and is already ruined at that point in time. We do get the world and it’s history filled out some in Dawn of the Jedi series. The two moons, Ashla and Bogan, represented 2 sides of the Force, darkness and light. The ancestors of the Jedi were brought to this world in the Tho Yor. They learned how to use this power and keep it in balance, lest the Force storms rage the world. It had exotic locals like deserts that sucked the sound from the air. The creatures too, were highly dangerous.


Dewbacks have escaped the Corellian parks into the city.
Corellian dewbacks loose in the city during the war

Implied in the movies (Han Solo and Corellian smugglers being popular). We get our best look at this planet and it’s system, pre-game in the Corellian Trilogy. Han and his wife, then Chief of State Leia, are there for a diplomatic function with their three kids. As usual for the Solo/Skywalker clan, things don’t go as expected. They are introduced to the steadfast Drall and the tunneling Selonians. The Green Jedi are gone, but at least one descendent remains in Corran Horn, grandson of Nejaa Halcyon. Halcyon was a Jedi who died in the Clone Wars, while Rostek Horn (who hid his family) was a Corsec officer.

Yavin 4

The distant temples of Yavin 4 show over the jungle with clouds scattered above them
Yavin 4, distant temples

The moon of Yavin 4 first appears in A New Hope, and was the home of a Rebel base. The planet it circles is a gas giant. But the fact that it was built by the Massassi and their Sith Masters, Naga Sadow and then Exar Kun were first revealed in the Tales of the Jedi comic series. Luke Skywalker puts his Jedi Praxeum there and, the first students have a run on with Exar Kun’s spirit. In the Dark Forces: Jedi Knight games we visit this academy and learn to use Force powers in the same place that the Young Jedi Knights (Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo) learn.


The view of the Rishi Maze as seen from the planet.
Rishi maze as seen from the planet

The planet Rishi was first mentioned in the novel Dark Force Rising, second in the Thrawn trilogy. Presumably its in the same ‘maze’ as Kamino. It was a hideout for smugglers even in the book. The native Rishi bird people were there too, living in the heights whereas the non natives lived in the valley. The only mention of culture was a preference to not used motorized vehicles at a certain time of day.


The planet Ziost undergoes a deadly transformation due to the Sith Emperor's power.
Ziost as the Sith Emperor destroys the world.

The doomed Sith World of Ziost is first mentioned in the Tales of the Jedi comics, specifically Golden Age of the Sith.

Onderon and Dxun

Defensive guns on the cliffs of Onderon
Defensive gun on the cliffs of Onderon

First appearing in Tales of the Jedi comics, the Jedi go to the planet Onderon to be guardians of peace when it petitions to join the Republic. But Uliq and Cay Qel-Droma, with their companion Tott Doneeta find all is not as it seems. A dark Jedi called Freedon Nadd held sway and his descendants. The battle to free Onderon is the spark that ignites the Sith War. On the side of the Jedi are the beast riders, exiled from the city into the wild lands who have learned the great beasts that crossed from Dxun when the atmospheres touched. We also know that a Mandalorean colony is on Dxun at one point.


Space view of the planet of Ossus during SWTOR
Ossus from space

In Tales of the Jedi, the Jedi Odan Urr, hero of the Great Hyperspace War built the great Jedi library on this world afterward. This planet, where he himself was trained, became a great center of learning. Then the Sith War came and Exar Kun boldly dared use ancient Sith powers to cause nearby suns to go supernova, devastating the world. All fled, forced to leave most of the library behind. One Jedi is known to have remained: Ood Bnar. The Neti chose to advance his life cycle, planting himself as a tree to protect Jedi artifacts. He was still there millennia later when Luke Skywalker discovered this world. One day it would again be home to the Jedi.


Approach to the Planet Dantooine.
Dantooine from space

Mentioned in A New Hope as a Rebel base, the planet is visited several times in the books. They reveal a wild beautiful world with only the native Dantari nomads living in it. There also of course is evidence of a Jedi enclave. It survived the Mandalorean wars, was devastated by Malek and later ravaged by scavengers and looters. Millennia later mysterious imperfect cloning technology was found there. It was also a world you could visit in the MMO Star Wars Galaxies. It was known for it’s hunting.


Approach to the Planet Manaan
Manaan space approach

This watery world is introduced in Knights of the Old Republic, with its attempt at neutrality. They sold Kolto to both sides. But the Sith were attempting early on to seduce the Selkath young in a clever attempt to sway it’s future toward the Sith.

Rakata Prime AKA Lehon

Lehon, AKA Rakata Prime has exotic beaches littered with wreckage and distant jungle temples
Lehon beach with wreckage and distant temples

Home of the Rakata, this lush world is full of oceans and jungles. It’s also the location of the Star Forge. The Rakatan are losing their ability to touch the Force. Their numbers dwindle. But given the brutality of the Infinite Empire, this may be the Force’s will.

Space Missions

Fondor Escort

Fondor Escort

The Fondor system was first in the Classic Star Wars comics. The Executor super star destroyer was built there. Luke Skywalker visits the place to spy out the technical details in order to find a weakness.

Hypori Escort

Hypori mission

This world is infamous as the place where General Grievous revealed himself in the Clone Wars Microseries. A group of Jedi including knights, masters and padawans all took him on at once. Some were killed, others badly injured.

New Cov ice field

new cov
New Cov Ice Field

Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian went to the planet New Cov to find hints as to Fey’lya’s motives for causing difficulty with the Council. They bump into a long sundered Rebel group with ties to General Bel Iblis, one of the Alliance Founders.

Balosar Outpost


While not so famous as Corellia, this planet is hinted at by the Balosar who tries to sell Obi-Wan death sticks in the Outlander club. There is also a famous journalist, Keets Freely, from this world. He ends up working with the resistance against the Empire.

Baros Ambush

Baros Ambush

Grand Admiral Thrawn attacks this world in the Last Command. It’s home to the Brubb species.

Thanium disruption

Thanium Disruption (system)

This world was part of Xim the Despots armor. Xim and his minions are first mentioned in Han Solo and the Lost Legacy. There is a great deal more in the Essential Guide to Warfare and the Essential Atlas.


Kalee fortification mission

Kalee is the homeworld of General Grievous. It was in the Unknown Soldier: the Story of General Grievous in Star Wars Insider 86. Grievous’s story is also the story of Kalee: invaded, exploited, rebelling against their enemies and finally vengence. Only for the wrongs inflicted on them to be ignored by the Jedi and Senate.

Drexel Sweep

Drexel and the asteroid field

This world was the home of wrecked space pirates who lived on the sea. He tangled with Luke, Leia and Han in the earliest Marvel comics. These are in issues 9-5 and can be found in any omnibus featuring the early stories.


Jabiim Escort (Imperial Side)

This planet was introduced in the Republic Clone Wars comics. The Confederacy and Republic battled fiercely over it. Many Jedi were killed, leaving the padawans orphaned. Kenobi disappeared while here and his padawan Anakin was ordered to lead the evacuation efforts as they retreated. The locals who had aided the Republic blamed him for abandoning them. Years later this would come to haunt the Rebels as they hated the very name ‘Skywalker’ and took it out on his son.


Aeten Defense

The planet Aeten 2 was a hotly contested world in Empire at War. Grand Admiral Martio Batch wanted it for the crystals used to power cloaking devices. It was destroyed by the Tarkin Superweapon introduced in classic Marvel comics.


Mugaar Ice Field

This area of space was introduced in the game TIE Fighter as home to pirates. the planet is naturally home of the Mugaari.

Nez Peron

Nez Peron Sweep

This planet is from Crimson Empire comics. Mirith Sinn was the wife of a farmer who was crushed by Vader and the Empire for pleading for relief from the starvation plaguing the world due to its policies. She joined the Rebellion. Meanwhile, the D’asta family were supporters of the Imperial Remnant but eventually pulled out until a peace treaty was signed with the New Republic.


Polith Minefield

The sun around which the Thyferra orbits, the famous world made famous for it’s miracle cure, bacta.The infamous system appeared first in the WEG Adventure Journals but was explored more thoroughly in the X-Wing novels.


Saleucami Fleet Action

This world first appears in Republic comics. The Morgukai clones are here serving Dooku and the Confederacy. Quinlan Vos’s journey undercover with Dooku comes to a head between whether he is still a Jedi or how far he’s fallen in this campaign. It’s mentioned in Revenge of the Sith.


Serapin Assault

This world is mentioned in Shatterpoint as home to the Vaapad species. Mace Windu named the seventh lightsaber form he invented after. The planet first showed up in Force Commander and Galactic Battlegrounds visits it during the Clone Campaigns.


Sullust Interception

The world is mentioned in Return of the Jedi as the gathering ground for the Rebel fleet. It is home to the cave living Sullustans like Nein and Tenb Nunb and Den Dhur. SoroSuub is a famous corporation based here. We get some views on their lifestyle from the Medstar series. It also has a moon made famous in another popular game: Sulon, home to Kyle Katarn.


Taspan Ambush

This planet is also known as Mindor. It appeared in Star Wars Rebellion but is most famous for the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. The whole planet is essentially a Jedi trap for the last Jedi, with a good chunk of the Rebel fleet at stake.

Cha Raaba

Cha Raaba Assault

This is also known as the Ylesian system, where Han Solo got his start flying cargo for the Ylesians out of a pilgrim camp on the planet. It that doubles as a spice mining operation. It was his first real job as a pilot. You can read about it in the Han Solo Trilogy.


Kabal Station Defense

This planet first appeared in classic star wars comics. Luke is dropped off on this world after defeating the Serpant Masters as Leia is trying to drum up support for the Rebels. Unfortunately, the Empire’s attack at this time interferes with the mission.


Kanz Minefield

This sector is first mentioned in Han Solo’s Revenge as the scene of the Kanz Disorders, where Lorrdians were enslaved enmasse when a tyrant took over the region. The disaster was ended by a joint Republic/Jedi task force.